Ludum Dare 30 (Space-bridges, Pigs and Uranium)

shot1After 72 hours of jamming, I’m proud to present to you Space Pioneers, a realtime-strategy godgame, in which you lead galactic civilisations to new planets, resources and triumph over their enemies.

You can download it here for Windows, Android, OS/X and Linux.
Don’t forget to leave a rating or some feedback.


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GlobalGameJam 2014

Over the weekend, I have been participating in the GlobalGameJam at my university.Screen1

In 48 hours with few sleep, but much coffee, pizza, coding and drawing, our awesome team has created the game “Antisolation”, a fast-paced little game with enormous destructive potential.

You can check out and download the game at the project site or play it right here!

Rightclick and “Go fullscreen” for the optimal experience! Also, you need the Unity-plugin

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Achievement unlocked

Wow. One million map-downloads. On christmas. How could this possibly become more awesome!

Since the release of my first map two and a half years ago,  I have released 11 maps, worked almost 2000 hours in the Source SDK, spent almost 1000 hours on testing them, made tons of new friends among other modders and fans and I don’t have any intention of ceasing my work.

So, obviously this is a huge milestone for me and I’d like to say THANK YOU to all players, creators, fans, supporters, collaborators, friends and the whole community!

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Finally it’s finished!

After many days of work, my new homepage is up and running.

The main changes are:

  • Migration from Joomla to WordPress.
  • splitting up the homepage into the subdomains blog./ maps./ and
  • New, streamlined, individual design.
  • The Home-page is now in Blog-form, which allows me to post Music, Maps, News, Tutorials, Reviews and other stuff and hopfully to liven up the page a little 😉
  • The Design-section is removed for now. I might bring it back when I have more content for it.
  • The Music-section has been cleaned up and contains direct download links to all songs, as well as an mp3-Player.
  • Almost every page now has a ‘reply’-feature, which means, that you can comment or discuss on every page immediately. The guestbook however still exists.

Let me know, what you think of the new design. Ways to contact me are shown on the Contact-page.

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